Saturday , November 17 2018


Fantastic Opportunity to Own This Website & Associated Twitter/Facebook Accounts

Ever wanted to run your own website? We are offering this website “For Sale” it is a fantastic opportunity with great revenue. We simply don’t have enough man hours in our working week to continue to operate this site as well our our other extremely successful sites. The successful buyer ...

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Quit your job, become a matchmaker!

A Manchester woman is one of a growing number of professional and businesswomen who are swapping their highly paid jobs to help singles find true love. Jane Rapin is a former lawyer and people management consultant who has joined the advance guard of modern matchmakers. Having questioned her life after ...

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About Us: Manchester Mag

ABOUT MANCHESTER MAG is an exciting way to reach potential customers and showcase what you have to offer. It’s the sister of and City Dweller Magazine, which has been running since 2004 and has a huge following across Yorkshire and its surrounding areas with over 250k hits to ...

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What Type of Job Seeker are you?

Craig Burton

Everyone is different and we all have very different personalities, so how does your personality affect your job search? Have you considered the role your personality plays in your job search? Have you considered how your personality factors into the way you engage in job search activities? Read below and ...

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How the people of Manchester can save up and travel!

TURN EVERYDAY INDULGENCE INTO THE HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME Over a Half of people in Manchester don’t travel as much as they would like to, and 63% blame that on money “I need a holiday” is a common phrase heard during winter across the UK. However, over half of people ...

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Why NOT Firing Some Staff Is Cruel

Our workplaces today are full of kind, hard-working and well intentioned managers who don’t realise that they are actually being cruel to some of their staff. ‘It is impossible to fire someone with over two years’ service’ is a common held misconception which is costing the economy, organisations, and the ...

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Three is the Magic Number for Business Presentations!

Why three is the magic number when it comes to business presentations As a business person, chances are you are going to have to do a presentation sooner or later. If the thought of composing something from scratch strikes you with fear, Laura Bruce from Toastmasters International has some advice ...

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