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How to Upgrade Your New Year Resolution



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A time when people find that missing motivation, that spark, the desire to make some changes to their health and body. Losing weight has to be THE most set resolution muttered every single January, odds are YOU have said it more than once – am I right? Unfortunately, it’s almost definitely one of the first ones to go too. Well not this year! We are going to give you a few hints and tips to help you set some cracking New Years Resolutions that you are going to crush in 2019!

Step 1 – What is your goal?

Now let’s be specific and lets set something we can measure, losing a bit of weight isn’t going to cut the low calorie mustard I’m afraid. You certainly wouldn’t be happy if you lost 2lbs over the course of the year so lets look for something specific that we can measure and keep it in a time frame, if you don’t set a deadline it’s all too easy to keep moving the goal posts back.

Step 2 – What’s in the Gap?

We know where you are right now and after step 1 we know where you want to be. The Gap is really what needs to change for you to get there? Do you need to eat less takeaways, attend more classes at the gym, cut back on the old sauce? It’s basically who do you need to become to achieve your goal

Step 3 – Set realistic process- based goals

So, by now we know our goal and we know what we need to do to get there, we are building our blue print – exciting stuff! Process-based goals are just that, it’s ensuring you hit the things (process) that will take you to your goals. If you improve your food choices and you exercise then guess what, that PROCESS will result in you losing weight. Too many people quit or throw their toys out of the pram the very second the scale says something they don’t agree with (sometimes this can still even be a loss but just not a big enough one! – Yes I’m talking to you!)

This is where Process-based goals can come into their own as they focus on you doing the right things consistently. You just need to make sure they are realistic, give yourself some wiggle room.

Saying you will go to the gym EVERYDAY means if you miss once you have failed, saying you will go 16 times per month (4 times per week) means that you have room to do extra one week if you miss it.

Eat 3 takeaways a week – limit it to 2

Drink 2 bottles of wine on a weekend – have 1

All these things will take you closer to your end goal.

Step 4 – Review

Oooh, controversial, each week review how you did, remember it’s not about passing or failing and it’s certainly not about being perfect.

New Year is a made up date where people feel the need to change what they are doing, not being perfect doesn’t mean you have failed and have to wait until next year to try again.

Review what goes well and what needs improving and don’t be afraid to adjust your Resolutions if needed.

Remember that perfection is the death of consistency & mediocre consistency beats short lived perfection EVERYTIME


• Look at your goals and timeframe

• Set your resolutions as the things that are going to get you there

• Be realistic

• Review and adjust if needed

Don’t forget to download our 35 Rules to Easy Weight loss from www.sustainnutrition.co.uk

We will even throw in a training plan and cook book too!


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