Big kid that I am, I recently jumped at the chance to fly to Lapland for the second time, in the hope of meeting Santa and his elves!

While snow can be a challenge in Yorkshire, it’s an absolute must if you’re visiting this captivating landscape, and we were far from disappointed, as it covered everything in a thick white carpet. Lapland stretches across a vast area of northern Sweden, Finland and Norway. It’s also where, if the weather is favourable, you might witness the magical Northern Lights. Of course, trips to Lapland are really about the little ones, so the friendly locals have truly created a winter wonderland for them. Where else can you go on an enchanting sleigh ride, pulled by real reindeer? Just as exciting is the chance to explore the woods and paths by dog-sled. I can assure you that a determined and surprisingly vocal team of huskies can pull you along a lot faster than you may think! For adults and older kids, snowmobile hire is another popular and exhilarating way of exploring the scenic backcountry.

Naturally, no trip to Lapland would be complete without a visit to Santa’s workshop! So, I’ll be happy to pre-arrange this when you book your trip, to avoid disappointment. Depending on your length of stay, you can also enjoy activities like ice-fishing, ice-karting, skiing and other winter sports. Remember to wrap up warm, although some operators will provide thermals if necessary.

When it comes to accommodation, I’ve noticed that ‘ice hotels’ (carved from real blocks of ice!) have become increasingly popular. Or you could even choose a cosy igloo, made of thermal glass, and view the spectacular starry sky from the comfort of your warm bed, even when it’s -30 degrees outside! There are many other options available, including luxury hotels and log cabins with roaring fires to gather round with the family. There’s also a holiday club with large wave- pool and a choice of bars and restaurants.

Whatever you choose, I promise you’ll create magical memories that will last a lifetime and have the kids boasting for weeks about meeting Santa and his reindeer in Lapland!


Yasmin Macis

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